WORD LIMIT: 500-1,500 words is the sweet spot, but I’m not strict.
PAY RATE: Currently we aren’t offering payment for submissions but hope to in the future.
WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Mini-lessons about writing that feature a strong educational topic, as well as inspiration to encourage our readers to write every day. Topics can be varied, but pertinent to the writing process, and/or the writing life. This includes, lessons on specific subjects, exercises to develop portions of the writing muscle, inspirations to keep our writer’s writing, and anything else you can come up with. I want this newsletter to be defined by the writer’s both creating the content and reading it. So, use your imagination, have a genuine interest in helping your fellow writer, and you’ll create something fantastic.
LANGUAGE: English, translations are acceptable.
RIGHTS: We ask for non-exclusive electronic publication rights (which means you can publish it elsewhere whenever you like, we do not retain exclusivity) for our newsletter, and indefinite non-exclusive electronic anthology rights for future collections.
MULTIPLE/SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Simultaneous submissions are accepted, as well as multiple submissions. Feel free to send us as many mini-lessons as you can write!
HOW TO SEND IT: In an e-mail attachment, which can be sent in standard manuscript format with a couple exceptions: I prefer everything single-spaced and in times new roman. In the subject line write SUBMISSION: your name here, or EXPEDITED SUBMISSION: your name here, if you’ve bought a expedited response. Don’t forget to include your PayPal Transaction ID.

Expedited Submission Response

NOTE: All purchases of this expedited response will be considered a donation, and I thank you personally for it! Expedited Submission Response will guarantee a submission response within 3 days. One purchase will equal one submission (one mini-lesson), but feel free to buy as many as you'd like (depending on how many mini-lessons you've submitted). IMPORTANT: Include your PayPal Transaction ID in your submission e-mail! AND put EXPEDITED SUBMISSION: your name, in the subject line.


NOTE: By submitting to Strip Mining the Muse, you agree to give our newsletter (and website) non-exclusive publication rights, as well as non-exclusive anthology publication rights for future collections. However, should you no longer wish for your work to be published on Strip Mining the Muse, feel free to send us another e-mail, and we’ll make sure your work is no longer published.