Advertise With Us!

Are you a self-published author, looking for an effective, targeted audience to pitch your book to? Are you selling a service to writers, and/or readers? Are you a magazine looking for cost effective advertising?
We might be able to help you. If you’ve already read our ABOUT page, or are familiar with the newsletter, you can imagine that our audience consists of writers actively and persistently training their craft. This demographic is highly sought after in the publishing industry.
We charge $40 per e-mail (we distribute 1 e-mail per day), with a one-week minimum order. Your advertisement can consist of up to 75 words and one small picture (if you send us an image that is too large, we will resize it to acceptable parameters).
Discounts can be negotiated on long-term orders, which are encouraged.
NOTE: All advertisements are subject to our approval, and we will ONLY ACCEPT products or services which we PERSONALLY BELIEVE IN, and genuinely believe that our readership can find some enjoyment and/or use out of.
CONTACT: Include in the subject line ADVERTISMENT: your title here.