Strip Mining the Muse


What is Strip Mining the Muse?
Strip Mining the Muse is a free, daily newsletter designed to inspire writers to do what they do best: write. Every day. Each day you’ll receive an e-mail that contains a mini-lesson focusing on one aspect of the writing process, or the writer’s life. The overall goal (other than learning more about the craft of writing) of each e-mail is to remind you, dear writer, to write. Fostering the writing habit, which means writing every day, is essential to improving one’s craft, and Strip Mining the Muse is here to help you with inspiration, education, and persistency in every stage of the writing process.
Click HERE to sign-up, or check the side of your screen.

Why should I sign-up for Strip Mining the Muse?
Because, dear writer, no man is an island. As writer’s, we’re a community. A collective. Together we can learn and grow in our craft, that’s why along with the daily newsletter, we have the roundup. I’ll make a short post every day in the roundup, which you can find HERE, describing my day’s progress. That means word count, finish/starting stories, the trials and tribulations that I faced and either overcame or fell victim to. In the roundup you’re encouraged to post what YOU’VE gotten done today, where you’ll meet fellow writer’s who’ll encourage you to continue writing. Every day.

Can I submit my own mini-lessons to Strip Mining the Muse?
Of course! That’s part of what makes Strip Mining the Muse so special. Its content is created by our community, because we know better than anyone else what we want. You may be wondering, what exactly do we want? Stuff to inspire, convince, sometimes physically force, us to write. So, check out our submissions page HERE. Remember, everybody has a lesson to teach.

What will the mini-lessons be like?
You’re in luck! Because I wrote a mini-lesson, which you can find HERE, so you can get the feel for what Strip Mining the Muse is about. I’m confident you’ll find our mini-lessons educational, entertaining, and inspiring.

Sign me up!
Head on over to our sign-up page HERE or check the side of your screen. It’s free! Thank you, dear writer, for reading to this point. I can tell you’re interested. Before I go, I must ask, did you get your writing done today?