The Roundup: 1/25/18

January 25th, 2018
Word Count: 500+
Projects: “the face” (a short story)
Notes: I started a new, experimental short story today that’s a huge divergence from the science fiction piece I finished the first draft of yesterday. I’ve fallen in love with the project, and that’s something that must happen for me when I write. It’s necessary for me to be in love with the story. If I’m truly in love with it, I’ll fight for it, and by virtue I’ll create the highest quality fiction I can. The story’s based on my observations in a local pet store, which after visiting a few weeks ago I jotted down some notes about the pet store as a setting and some people I’d met there, and after visiting the pet store again today my creativity was truly ignited. Hopefully, this literary piece will pull my head out of the science fictional universe I created with my last story. So that next week, when I come back to it to rewrite and polish, I can see it with a reader’s eyes, as opposed to the eyes of its writer.
Reading: I wrote yesterday’s roundup before I actually did my daily reading, and I lied. I didn’t read anything yesterday, which I admit to you here today with great shame. Today, however, I plan on starting the Ray Bradbury reading challenge I mentioned earlier, but it seems unlikely. I’m very tired. And ashamed.

Please comment below with your daily roundup! I look forward to hearing from you. Did you get your writing done today?

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